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“He who owns the DA$ makes the Rules”

After a few years of growing its citizen base to more than 40,000 strong, The Decentralized Anonymous State (DAS) is launching a voting currency that enables its owners to serve as citizen Senators and govern this first of its kind government. For the first time in history, the public can now directly govern a state through ownership of a decentralized cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Voting

Our Satoshi like founder and Secretary General chose to utilize an Ethereum DAO and token as the medium for this new voting and exchange mechanism.

We’ve named our voting currency DA$ which is issued by DAS and DAS is offering 100,000,000 of 1,000,000,000 DA$ initially at .0001 ETH per DA$ purchased. This ICO ends Saturday, July 29, 2017. Future secondary offerings will be made to the public as demand increases and at higher prices per DA$.

Anyone that acquires 1,000,000 DA$ becomes a Senator of DAS. First draft of DAS constitution can be found via www.DASGOV.io

While ownership of DA$ does not represent direct or indirect equity interests in the DAS Treasury, the management of the treasury assets will be determined by majority vote of citizen Senators through their ownership of DA$.


Blockchain congress

As an example of how much the DAS Treasury has already amassed, for example, in one case, through launching other cryptocurrencies, it owns the majority of the second top currency (XOT) out of more than 4,000 found on this list: https://www.cryptocoincharts.info/coins/info which is also the top capitalization spot found on this list: http://coinmarketcap.com/assets/views/market-cap-by-total-supply/

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