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We, cryptologists for a worldwide, anonymous, state(less) government (DAS) hereby declare our independence from world governments for complete freedom from intrusion into our cryptologic affairs.

DAS Constitution.

DAS exists primarily to protect the privacy and security of its citizens.

DAS will function free of taxation and will be established to reduce the types of corruption and coercion normally found in terrestrial states. Should a tax ever be imposed it will be in acceptable crypto currencies not to exceed the equivalent of .0001 Bitcoin per annum for human citizens and .001 Bitcoin for corporate/entity citizens.

DAS will not serve to shelter unlawful activities and will develop ways to expel criminal trafficking in obvious crime and those caught pursuing such.

DAS will finance itself from donations in crypto-currencies and will also exist to create prosperity for its citizens in order that they may fulfill their dreams and help the less technologically advanced outsiders, providing education, equipment and humanitarian aid to same.

DAS will issue passports to its citizens which will be designed to allow unique access to DAS and in such a way that reduces as much as possible the need for trust between humans and institutions. There will be several categories of citizens, primary, peer to peer that build the nation from within and a secondary class, those that become citizens more as entrepreneurs utilizing the p2p to develop commerce and the consumer citizens and the fourth, the corporate or entity citizens, bearing the same rights and responsibilities.

DAS will allow the incorporation of Decentralized Anonymous Corporations (DAC) under its jurisdiction. These corporations will function either in a way that the public can see with full transparency or secretly if the incorporator elects for complete privacy over the DAC’s operations. Those who register DACs will provide the name for their DAC, number of shares and par value to be authorized and beyond that no additional information will be required to be made public, however, if the incorporator wishes, he/she/it can provide list of officers, directors, initial or controlling shareholders, etc. Shares and bonds of these corporations may be owned and transferred traditionally or in the same fashion that crypto currencies transfer and trade on exchanges, pay dividends, etc.

DAS will adopt all crypto coinage as its currencies holding same in its wallets and may create one of its own as an official currency. In such case, a decentralized anonymous bank will be formed within DAS to further its humanitarian objectives.

DAS’ flag will be designed by its citizens and voted for based on most popular. An interim flag may be established that signifies cryptology.

DAS will seek to acquire territory to further its objectives.

DAS’ developers will work to design and launch a fully integrated, continuously upgraded, system to best serve the needs of the citizens of DAS.

The p2p citizens will enact the laws of DAS, the entrepreneurial citizens will execute the laws while the consumer citizens will judge the law.

When applying for citizenship, each person will identify which category of citizenry applies whether it be p2p, business or consumer.

DAS is a by the bootstraps universal government and will launch on these constitution bare bones and grow and thrive from this point of inception.